Winter Season (Nov-Feb)

Our main season is our winter season. We will have a parents meeting on November 1, 2017 at 7pm at Westlake High School in the wrestling room (enter northeast doors and walk downstairs) which is highly encouraged for all to attend. Below is a list of all the different teams we have so please check below and if you have any questions please email Jeff Newby at All practices start the week of November 6th, 2017. If you are late getting started that is ok. Below the teams we have information on gear, and other wrestling information that might be helpful.

If you would like to help coach a team please email Jeff Newby and let’s get you added to the coaching staff. All athletes and coaches must have a USA Card. For athletes it is encouraged to purchase the Utah Full Athlete Card ($45). This card is an insurance card and you must have it to practice. You can purchase this card at You do not ever physically need your card. Everything is done electronically. You will need to remember your wrestlers USA card number though to enter them into competitions.

All coaches will have their tuition waived for their wrestler. To get tuition waived you must have your USA Coaches Card and you must actively help with coaching at practices and tournaments which includes helping all wrestlers and coaching all wrestlers at tournaments, not just your own.

The links to register for the club are posted below under each team. We do offer multiple siblings discounts so if you have multiple kids wrestling please contact Jeff Newby ( to get that discount.

Westlake Junior High (6th-9th graders)

  • Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5-6:15pm
  • Cost: $85
  • Coaches: Guy Burdett, Gabe Lee, Josh Whited, Lance Shunn
  • Register here:

Westlake Elementary (3rd-5th graders)

  • Practice: Monday (7:30-8:15pm) Wednesday (5:00-6:00pm)
  • Cost: $85
  • Coaches: Josh Mendenhall, Matt Bray
  • Register here:

Westlake Elementary Advanced (by invite only)

  • Practice: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6:15-7:30pm
  • Cost: $85
  • Coaches: Jeff Newby, Mike Ballantyne, Ammon Bayles, Jeff Oldroyd
  • Register here:

Westlake Prek-2nd grade

  • Practice: Tuesday (7:30-8:15pm) & Wednesday (6:00-6:45pm)
  • Cost: $85
  • Coaches: Chris Livesay
  • Register here:

Westlake Prek-k (Introductory Class)

  • Practice: Wednesday 6:45-7:15pm
  • Cost: $30
  • Coaches: Tyler Shimakonis, Chris Livesay, Jeff Newby
  • Register here:
    • We highly encourage parent involvement in this class. With the kids so young the kids will learn more with parents helping and involved. Even if you don’t know wrestling you still can watch the coach and then help your wrestler with learning the moves. We only have so many coaches so the more parents involved with helping their child at practice the better.

Additional practice: I have had some parents ask what can they do to help their child get better at home. For those wanting to do extra and learn please go to: This website teaches the basic moves and will help you as a parent learn as well as your wrestler.

Westlake gear: If you would like to purchase Westlake gear do that at this link: Everything you order will be shipped to your home and shipping is already included in the price. Allow 11-13 days for shipping once you place your order. You can also customize many of the items with your name on the back.

Practice gear: kids should wear some type of workout clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt

Competition uniform: Most kids wear singlets but fight shorts and a rash guard (tight fitting shirt) are becoming very popular also. If you have neither of those then they are allowed to compete in normal shorts and a shirt. We will have an online store for Westlake singlets, fight shorts and rash guards soon. You can also purchase singlets at Scoreboard Sports in Orem as well but if you want Westlake gear you will need to wait for our online store to be complete.

Other gear: wrestling shoes and headgear are encouraged. Both can be purchased at Scoreboard Sports in Orem. Wrestling shoes are not to be worn outside but are to be carried inside and then put on in the wrestling room and when practice is over they should be taken off and carried home. If you don’t have these items yet don’t worry but if your child does want to continue wrestling in the long term you would need to eventually purchase these.

Competitions/Tournaments: Most tournaments are on Saturdays and they are for all ages, Prek-9th grade. Most tournaments only last an hour or two for each age group. You can find all tournament fliers on and they will have start times listed for each age group. Typically tournaments start in the morning for the younger kids and start a little later for the older kids. A typical tournament schedule may be Prek-k start at 9am, 1st-2nd grade start at 10am, 3rd-4th grade start at 11am, 5th-6th grade start at noon and 7th-9th grade start at 1pm. This is just an example, each tournament will be a little different so make sure to check the tournament fliers.