Thor’s Club

At Westlake High School, we believe no matter what level of wrestler you are, there is a simple formula to improve and have success.  The equation is in order of importance.

1) Improve your technique by practicing and receiving excellent coaching + 2)Compete to apply what you are practicing and receive feedback and coaching + 3) Increase your explosiveness and conditioning by practicing and focusing on explosive movements and exercises.

This motivational system incentives Westlake Wrestlers to do all these of these things.  One is not without the other.  The more you practice the better technique you have.  The more you compete, the more you can apply those learned principals. A stronger and better conditioned wrestler helps the wrestler apply his technique properly throughout the match.

The first sheet below is the current main scoreboard with all the wrestling points.  Daily points are awarded for attending practices.  Tournament points are awarded for participation, placing high, and pinning.

The second sheet describes the points system and rewards (lit swag),

The third sheet is the strength scoreboard

The fourth sheet is the Pin Scoreboard.

As of right now, we are only tracking 8th-11th grade wrestlers. (Next Year’s HS Team).  If your wrestler is missing points that I failed to add, please email or text me ~ Coach Burdett

Someone asked Cael Sanderson (arguably the best wrestler of all time) what is the most important aspect of wrestling.

He said “Strength helps but technique is the most important.  Technique will beat strength.  The better your technique is the stronger you will feel.  Strength in addition to good technique is obviously the best.  You will develop a lot of strength thru wrestling.  In wrestling you are pulling, pushing, squatting, squeezing, twisting, being explosive and doing all kinds of power and lifting exercises.  Lifting weights is more about working on the tip of the ice berg in my opinion. If you are wrestling and drilling correctly you are getting “wrestling” strong.  Wrestling strong is grip, back, neck, and hips.  I am a big believer in body weight exercises like pull ups, rope climbs, push ups, wall sits, squat jumps, and stance and motion.  If you are going to put extra time in I would spend that time working on wrestling technique.”  See that and more questions for Cael here.

At Westlake, we believe in getting stronger, but as Cael said, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Thor points are awarded for weights and conditioning activites.  But are far outweighed by the points earned by attending practice and tournaments.  The points earned are automatically added into the Thor’s Club Scoreboard.

Pinning is the goal in Wrestling.  It’s so important, you get twice as many points in duals AND tournaments if you pin.  We want our wrestlers to learn to pin from as many positions as possible.  We want to keep track and award Thor Points to our wrestlers who get lots of pins!  The points earned below are automatically added to the Thor’s Club Scoreboard.